Message of Greeting from German Ambassador Peter Wittig


Since its establishment in 2008, the German American Cultural Foundation has contributed to the flourishing of strong German-American ties in the Southeastern United States.

Based on the idea that the worlds of business and culture need to engage in dialogue in order to mutually benefit, the Foundation aims to strengthen relations between German-speaking countries and the United States by raising cultural awareness and bolstering exchanges among our societies.

The Foundation’s projects in education and culture—from its support of the Goethe Zentrum and the German School of Atlanta, to its Diversity in the German Classroom project and Oktoberfest Run—are making a difference in bringing Germans and Americans closer together in Atlanta and beyond.

With its GAC Initiative at Atlanta Technical College, the Foundation is providing an opportunity for under-represented student populations both to gain exposure to the German language and to develop their careers through internships and practical training at German companies—which is very much in line with the aims of the German Embassy’s Skills Initiative.

The founders and partners of the German American Cultural Foundation have demonstrated great foresight and leadership by keeping in mind the cultural aspect as they develop economic and trade relations between our two countries. It is my hope that the example they have set will have an impact not only in the Southeastern United States but across this vast country.

I wish you great success in your forthcoming initiatives and a bright future for German-American cultural relations.